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Letter of Indemnity

At CTS we stand behind our title insurance policies. If you have a claim or concern regarding your title insurance policy, please contact us immediately. If we cannot satisfy your claim immediately, we may issue a Letter of Indemnity covering the issue.

A Letter of Indemnity is an agreement whereby Custom Title Services agrees to hold harmless another party upon the occurrence of an anticipated loss due to the contingency stated in the agreement. This is also known as an Indemnity Agreement or Hold Harmless Letter.

Important: In addition to submitting your request for the letter, please fax a copy of the title commitment containing the item in question to the attention of "Letter of Indemnity Request" at 763.295.1775.

  *Party to be Indemnified
  *Address for Letter

  *Name of Person Requesting Letter
  *Property Address

  File Number
  *Closing Date

(Needed by date)
  *Item in Question

(Item number from title commitment)

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